Q: What's Okonomiyaki?

A: Okonomiyaki is a traditional Japanese dish with historical significance. It started as an efficient way to prepare a nutritious meal during wartime, then it evolved into a beloved dish that can be found everywhere in Japan.
In its simplest form, it is made of batter and cabbage with a variety of other ingredients depending on the region and preference. As the word "お好み(okonomi)" means "to one's liking", Okonomiyaki has many different variations. However, every Okonomiyaki is finished with a special sauce that was developed by our company's founder, Seiichi Sasaki. Traditional Okonomiyaki is characterized by its savory batter with vegetables and meats complemented by sweet, smokey Okonomi sauce.

Q: What's Takoyaki?

A: Takoyaki literally means "grilled octopus". Takoyaki is a very popular street food in Japan that can be found everywhere, often alongside Okonomiyaki. It is a fluffy wheat flour batter with a grilled octopus inside, made into a ball-shape using a special molded pan. It is then topped with a special sauce that is sweet and aromatic.

Q: Are there different styles of Okonomiyaki?

A: There are many variations of Okonomiyaki from different regions in Japan.The most well known are Hiroshima style and Osaka (Kansai) style.

Q: What is the difference between the Hiroshima style and Osaka(Kansai) style?

A: Hiroshima style consists of many layers - a thin layer of savory batter on the bottom, plenty of cabbage, additional vegetables and meat, then topped with a layer of fried egg. Osaka style, on the other hand, is much simpler in its construction. All the ingredients are mixed with a batter which is then cooked altogether like a pancake.
Regardless of different styles, Okonomiyaki is always finished with a generous drizzle of Otafuku Okonomi Sauce.

Q: Do you have any vegetarian/vegan products?

A: Yes! In fact, most of our sauces are either vegetarian or vegan.

Q: Can I use the Okonomi Sauce for anything other than Okonomiyaki?

A: Yes. Okonomi Sauce is quite versatile; Try it on fried foods such as french fries or pork cutlets. Okonomi Sauce is also great with meats and veggies. The possibilities are endless!

Q: Where can I find Otafuku products in my area?

A: Most Japanese markets and some Asian markets carry our products. You can also purchase our products online through our website.

Q: Do your sauces require refrigeration?

A: Yes, please refrigerate our sauces after breaking the seal.

Q: Do you have any gluten free products?

A: We are pleased to introduce two new Gluten Free products this year! Gluten Free Sushi Sauce and Gluten Free Umami Soy Glaze are two sauces you'll want to keep your eye on. They are a great way to stay conscious of your health while still savoring the best flavors of Japan.

Q: Do you have any food products other than sauce and flour?

A: Yes, we do! If you are familiar with Japanese food, you probably have tried Takoyaki before. We made it with a new twist by substituting octopus for shrimp! It has all the umami flavor of shrimp in one golden crispy bite. It's easy to make and is perfect for parties!

Q: Where can I find your nutrition facts online?

A: Nutritional facts for our sauces will be available on our website shortly. You can find each individual sauce's nutritional facts by clicking on the specific product. We will include the nutritional information, ingredients list, allergen information, and packaging details for your information. Please contact us if you would like further information about the ingredients used in our products.

Q: Can I purchase OtaJoy products commercially for my restaurant?

A: Of course! Please give us your location, then we will be happy to put you in direct contact with the nearest distributor. For more information, please contact our sales department at sales@otafukufoods.com or 562.404.4700.

Q: Can I have custom sauces made for my restaurant?

A: Yes, you can. We are a Research and Development Factory that specializes in creating brand sauces for your restaurant or business. Contact our sales department for details at sales@otafukufoods.com or 562.404.4700.

Q: Where are Otafuku Foods products manufactured?

A: Most of our products are manufactured at our facility here in the Los Angeles area. Our food service sizes, as well as a new line of retail sauces, are all produced here with local ingredients. We do import several items from our Headquarters in Japan which you can find in your local Japanese markets.